Director’s Long-Awaited Documentary on Her Native Coatesville to Premiere Virtually This Weekend

Mark Hostutler
Image via BYPASSED.

Director Sarah Alderman’s long-awaited documentary on her native Coatesville will receive its virtual premiere this weekend with an on-demand screening from Friday, Nov. 20 through Sunday, Nov. 22.

Tickets are required and can be purchased by clicking here.

A project that aims to change the public’s negative perception of Coatesville, BYPASSED is an hour-long film that has been in the works since 2016.

“Coatesville is a very unique place, and has a lesson to offer all of us,” said Alderman. “The project has been a labor of love for everyone who worked with us, and we’re elated to share a first look with the community!”

Feedback from her in-person premiere gave her the impression that even people unfamiliar with Coatesville can expect to take something away from the film.

“It brought tears to my eyes at times and shares the frustrations that our city experiences over and over,” said Penny Perdick, an early viewer of the documentary. “It shares our history and our challenges, yet I came away feeling hopeful.”

Virtual watch tickets are $20 per household or watch group. The film will be unlocked and available to on demand, with unlimited replays, between Friday and Sunday. Those with a smart TV can copy the link from the Internet to their TV.

“Our project asks many questions,” said Alderman. “What is left for a community when industry breaks down? Who gets left behind or bypassed? And what will happen next, with renewed attention and fresh eyes on Coatesville, as economic redevelopment comes to town?”

All money raised will be used to provide free and low-cost online watch opportunities in 2021 and to cover web hosting fees. And 10 percent will be split between two local nonprofits, Coatesville Kids to College and F.I.S.H. (Fathers Involved Shedding Hope).

“In today’s social climate, this movie could really help educate those who probably aren’t even aware of what life is like outside their bubble,” said Perdick.

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