Career Management & LinkedIn for Veterans


The Out of the Box Veteran Employment Strategies career panel event is on Friday, October 16 starting at 9 AM, so register on Eventbrite. Hire vets.

Our military needs support with jobs to help reduce the number of veteran job seekers.

In September 2019, the US Department of Labor noted 3.2% of veterans were unemployed and one year later, it has more than doubled to 6.8%.

If you are a veteran job seeker, don’t miss this veteran-focused career panel on Friday, October 16th at 9 AM:

What makes this panel unique? The career panel members all belong to the Delaware Valley Veterans Consortium (DVVC).

With their newly established LinkedIn company page, the DVVC would love it if you would follow their page. DVVC is not a for-profit and it is not a nonprofit; it’s just a consortium of organizations focused on the following mission:

“To unite military and veteran service organizations and advocates who share common goals to build programmatic capacity and increase services to clients under the umbrella of regional collaboration.”

If your company or organization fits that mission, apply for free membership.

If you need to learn how to build your own LinkedIn company page, read this article for step-by-step instructions.

Veteran’s Day is on Wednesday, November 11, 2020. If your organization is honoring veterans in some way, please fill out this survey.

In case you missed it, read Use LinkedIn to Thank Veterans for Their Service, as it provides an excellent definition of what a veteran is, as well as many other links and bits of information and how you can thank a veteran for their service on LinkedIn.

Missed last week’s article For the Sakes of Your Career and Professional Relationships, Keep Your LinkedIn Profile Politics-Free? Click here!

Need to learn more about building your LinkedIn profile? Register with the Chester County Library for Saturday, October 17, 2020, for LinkedIn Part 2 of 3. In this workshop, you will learn how to make the visuals and how your efforts on LinkedIn can connect on other social media platforms.

Prefer Tuesday evenings for LinkedIn learning, join me on Zoom for five sessions that started on 10/13, but we will catch you up if you register late!!

Upcoming October Online Zoom Events

Register per the instructions on the website. Join our meetup (see step one of this Google doc). To attend the speaker meetings for free for a year, become a Bronze or BENG member. Your membership or sponsorship supports our nonprofit to help job seekers in career transition and self-employed and employed with career management. Consider sponsoring a job seeker in need and help pay it forward!

  • 10/16 Career Success Group Meeting
  • 10/16 Delaware Valley Veterans Consortium Career Panel
  • 10/17 LinkedIn Part 2 of 3
  • 10/19 Career Success Group Meeting
  • 10/19 Virtual Job Seeker Support Meeting
  • 10/19 Business Executives Networking Group Meeting
  • 10/20 Ageism: Navigating the Potential Minefield
  • 10/20 Business Executives Networking Group Meeting
  • 10/21 Call-in PowerThinking Resiliency Building
  • 10/21 The Purpose & Function of the Employer Association & How It Can Benefit BENG Attendees
  • 10/21 Business Executives Networking Group Meeting
  • 10/22 Career Success Group Meeting
  • 10/22 Business Executives Networking Group Meeting
  • 10/22 Let’s Get Excited, NOT Anxious to Interview
  • 10/23 Career Success Group
  • 10/26 How to Develop Successful Job Search Strategies
  • 10/26 Uncover the Hidden Job Market



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