For Local Woman and Her Family, Warwick Park the Ideal Place to Enjoy Nature

Image via Courtney Diener-Stokes, MediaNews Group.

Warwick Township resident Liane Raciti likes to head out to Warwick Park with her dogs to enjoy a nice walk while taking in the beauty of nature, writes Courtney Diener-Stokes for Montgomery Media.

The married mother of three also finds that the family’s dogs provide a perfect excuse to get the kids outside for some light exercise.

“I find that I send the kids out to walk the dogs a lot to get them outside,” said Raciti. “It keeps them from sitting or if they are bored, and once they’re outside walking them, they enjoy it.”

She also sometimes meets up with a friend at Warwick Park to jointly walk their dogs, and she usually opts to take Anya, her Shepherd Mastiff mix.

“I take her because she’s big and can handle the trails and swimming in the water,” said Raciti.

As a bonus, she said, the park is very dog-friendly.

“It’s a gorgeous park, and there are lots of dogs there,” Raciti said.

Read more about Warwick Park from Montgomery Media here.

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