N.Y. Times: Malvern Man Mourns Losses as Wildfires Destroy State Park in California

Kimberly McGuane
Image via John Gallagher.

John Gallagher, an employment lawyer in Malvern, is mourning the loss of sites where he made precious memories with his two sons, as wildfires have destroyed Big Basin Redwoods State Park in California, write Shawn Hubler and Kellen Browning for The New York Times.

The 118-year-old state park where Gallagher hiked in June with his 24-year-old twins, Sam and Charlie, has been devastated.

“I just can’t believe it,” he said.

Gallagher posted a series of photos last week on Twitter from his visit, showcasing the beauty that has been lost, including the ancient, skyscraper-tall trees.

“There was a stump, right when you got there, like four feet wide,” he said. “Two thousand years old. I took seven pictures. The rings are like, ‘Birth of Christ.’ ‘Birth of Hammurabi.’”

As avid hikers, the family often used to take the opportunity to walk all the way to the top of the coastal ridge to take in the stunning view.

“The canopy, the scope, the trees – it was breathtaking,” said Gallagher.

Read more in The New York Times here.

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