Axe-Throwing Venue Adds West Chester’s First Self-Pour Beer Wall


Stumpy’s, an axe-throwing venue, has added the first self-pour beer wall in West Chester. Image via Groupon.

Stumpy’s, an axe-throwing venue, has added the first self-pour beer wall in West Chester, according to a report from Total Food Service magazine.

PourMyBeer Wall, a unique and modern twist to beverage dispensing, is filled with a selection of the best beers that Pennsylvania breweries like Victory and Levante have to offer.

Stumpy’s self-pour beer wall.

Stumpy’s is trying to partner with as many local breweries as possible to ensure customers have access to familiar names and their favorite brews.

The customers receive their PourMyBeer cards, which gives them access to 20 available taps, at the check-in area.

The self-pour beverage wall is continuously sanitized by the staff, and all the customers using the wall are required to use hand sanitizer prior to pouring their beer.

Stumpy’s offers 7,500 square feet of throwing space. When the throwers are ready for a break, they can now enjoy beer from the self-pour wall while lounging in the rest area.

Read more about the first self-pour beer wall in West Chester in Total Food Service magazine here.

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