Pillar Real Estate Advisors: Reports of Demise of Office Space Amidst Pandemic Greatly Exaggerated

Image via Pillar Real Estate Advisors.

After the press mistakenly published his obituary in the later years of his life, the great American writer known as Mark Twain quipped that “reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

Likewise, reports of the demise of office space – amidst a pandemic that has forced a large percentage of people to work from home – have also been greatly exaggerated.

In fact, there remains a strong demand for office space, particularly in downtown West Chester.

With a helping hand from Pillar Real Estate Advisors, two leases for space at the Evans Street Office Complex were recently signed by the law firm Palmer & Barr and consulting firm Winvale.

One more suite – which spans 1,900 square feet and boasts four on-site parking spaces in a private lot – is available at the sought-after Evans Street Office Complex. The newly refurbished space on the first floor of the Walnut Building features abundant natural light and individually controlled HVAC and is within walking distance of everything the borough – routinely rated as one of the Best Downtowns in the United States – has to offer.

Pillar Real Estate Advisors are the leasing agents for this property.

“The demand for well-located and appointed office space remains strong,” said Pillar’s Andrew Turner. “West Chester offers some dynamic opportunities for companies looking for a new home.”

Based in West Chester, Pillar Real Estate Advisors services the commercial real estate brokerage needs of Chester County, Montgomery County, and western Delaware County.

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