West Chester Woman Not Letting Quarantine Mess with Her Fitness Routine

Image via Andrea Hecker.

West Chester resident Andrea Hecker, 46, is not letting the quarantine mess with the fitness regimen she has been strictly following for the last four years, writes Gary Miles for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Hecker, who joined Legion Transformation Center when she decided to change her eating and fitness habits, is continuing to exercise every day, except for Sundays, in her basement gym. This includes lifting weights or following Zoom fitness sessions in the mornings.

And while her husband, Achim, and their two kids, Laura and Hannes, have also embraced a healthy lifestyle, Hecker remains the gym rat of the family.

“She inspires us to live healthy,” said Laura.

In the four years since she started working out regularly, Hecker has lost 30 pounds of fat and gained five pounds of muscle mass. Joining the gym played a huge role in this.

“We inspire each other so much,” Hecker said.

Although she is still exercising with the group on Zoom, it is now much lonelier.

“I used to go to my workout a half-hour early to stretch,” Hecker said. “But I also went to talk to people. No more of that.”

Read more about Andrea Hecker in The Philadelphia Inquirer here.


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