Washington Post: Chester County Residents Mostly Staying Put

Mark Hostutler

Despite Gov. Tom Wolf easing some of the restrictions on outdoor activities in Pennsylvania, Chester County residents are still not sprinting out the door of their homes, write Kevin Schaul, Brittany Renee Mayes, and Bonnie Berkowitz for The Washington Post.

After a peak period of sheltering in place for the first half of last month, residents are starting to leave their homes very slowly and cautiously, according to new GPS data provided by SafeGraph.

In early March, the average time local residents spent at home was between 70 and 75 percent. During the first week of April, that number climbed to over 96 percent and it stayed in that range over the next few weeks.

However, by the end of last month, that number has started to go down again, but only slightly, with Chester County residents now spending around 95 percent of their time at home.

And according to the data, when people do leave their homes, they are mainly going to grocery stores and parks to enjoy the warm weather. Meanwhile, the number of people who are going back to their workplace has barely risen since mid-March.

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