Rumors of Devon Horse Show Moving Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Image via Easttown Township.

During the Devon Center Task Force meeting earlier this month, Devon Horse Show & Country Fair lawyer Vincent Donohue and chairman Wayne Grafton denied rumors that the horse show might move, writes Linda Stein for Main Line Suburban Life.

In a letter sent to Easttown Township, Grafton reiterated the Horse Show’s intention to stay in Devon.

“Devon has no intention, nor has it entertained the idea of selling its grounds and relocating,” wrote Grafton. “To the contrary, Devon is 100 percent committed to remaining where it has existed for over a century.”

He said that Devon has invested more than $2 million in capital improvements on the grounds over the last two years.

“Likewise, any assertion that Devon is in financial straits is completely false and, frankly, defamatory,” he wrote.

Donohue asked for zoning relief in the form of an equestrian overlay on the east part of the grounds to make it easier when something needs to be developed.

“We were happy the Horse Show committed to stay in Devon,” said Joseph Kohn, a lawyer who represents some 80 residents.

Read more about the Devon Horse Show in Main Line Suburban Life here.

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