Local Food Cupboards Seeing Unprecedented Rise in Demand Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Image of a volunteer at Kennett Area Community Services via MediaNews Group.

Food cupboards in Chester County are seeing an unprecedented rise in demand due to the coronavirus pandemic that has left many without a job, writes Fran Maye for the Daily Local News.

“People in our area affected by coronavirus who have lost jobs are going to need long-term help,” said Carrie Freeman, executive director of the United Way of Southern Chester County.

Last year, 2,431 people received food from Kennett Area Community Services, while 1,280 people living at or below the poverty line received cash assistance. However, in recent weeks, the number of people asking for assistance has risen by 85 percent, with many inquiries coming from new clients.

The elderly who have lost their jobs and are quarantined at home are at highest risk. So, local agencies are working on finding ways to deliver food to them safely, but with the volunteer base low, it is challenging to find a solution.

“Our food cupboards have to keep their own staff healthy,” said Freeman. “It’s a struggle.”

And with food demand continuously growing, local agencies, such as the West Chester Food Cupboard, are asking for donations to keep their services moving efficiently.

Read more in the Daily Local News here.


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