Wall Street Journal Highlights Former Chesco Sheriff’s Measures to Ensure No Family Pets Are Harmed

Former Chester County Sheriff Bunny Welsh

With police departments nationwide now adding federal training that will help officers avoid fatal run-ins with domestic dogs, former Chester County Sheriff Carolyn “Bunny” Welsh already had a set of measures to prevent family pets from getting hurt, writes Ben Kesling for The Wall Street Journal.

Welsh made everyone on her force carry a catch pole in their vehicles. The long stick has a loop of cord on the end and is used to subdue an angry dog. Additionally, she required her deputies to undergo training on how to manage animals, which should protect both sheriffs and dogs from injuries.

“I worry about the safety and security of the deputies, but also many of these dogs are family pets and very important to the family,” said Welsh.

“We serve protection-from-abuse orders, which means there has been some violence in the home,” she said.

That violence can impact how dogs react to people.

“Statistically, if there’s abuse in the home, it’s very possible that there’s abuse of an animal,” Welsh said.

Read more about the federal program in The Wall Street Journal here.

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