Local Colleges, Universities to Receive More Than $20 Million Through CARES Act


Image via Cheyney University.

The U.S. Department of Education has announced more than $12 billion in funding for institutions of higher education through the CARES Act.

Multiple colleges and universities within Chester County are receiving this aid, at least half of which must be used as grants to students needing financial relief as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The amount each institution receives is related to its student enrollment. Here is how much each local school will receive:

  • West Chester University: $11,992,115 ($5,996,058 for students)
  • Delaware County Community College: $5,360,154 ($2,680,077 for students)
  • Montgomery County Community College: $4,090,103 ($2,045,052 for students)
  • Lincoln University: $3,494,532 ($1,747,266 for students)
  • Cheyney University: $663,615 ($331,808 for students)

“Hopefully, this financial support will help higher-education institutions and all their students get back on track and continue their stellar academic progress in the wake of this crisis,” said State Sen. Andy Dinniman, minority chair of the Senate Education Committee.


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