2020 VISTA Millennial Superstars: Jack Ellis

Mark Hostutler
Image of Jack Ellis via Paul Patton, Wilmington University.

Downingtown native Jack Ellis is a Vice President and Market Manager at First Resource Bank, a community bank with a goal to be people’s first resource when they want to save or manage their money, or when they need a lending partner to help them achieve a personal or business goal.

Ellis graduated from West Chester University with a bachelor’s degree in English and from Creighton University with a master’s degree in Finance. He credits First Resource’s Diana Mattingly with having the biggest impact on his career.

“Diana has always been an advocate of mine, providing me with opportunities to grow and learn,” said Ellis, who began working as a 14-year-old at Highland Orchards.

Ellis’s proudest professional accomplishment was achieved with a previous employer.

“I spent six months rewriting our internal audit procedures,” he said. “This was a project that started out as a productive task to fill downtime and ended up fundamentally changing how all internal audits were completed, accounted for, tracked, reviewed, and how the records were retained. Through a number of enhancements, the new process greatly improved efficiency, decreased labor costs, and resulted in each branch completing their audits in a uniform, timely manner.”

His favorite Chester County restaurant is Four Dogs Tavern.

“Their outdoor dining on nice days can’t be beat,” Ellis said, “and they have the best blackened chicken nachos on Earth!”