Montgomery County Man Creates Unique Sports-Themed ‘Word Art’

Ken Knickerbocker
Image of Dan Duffy via

Flourtown resident Dan Duffy is creating unique sports-themed pieces out of a series of words, writes Damon Turbitt for ABC27.

He refers to his works as “Word Art.”

“I’m not a great painter,” he said, “so I had to come up with a different way to make an image.”

His passion began as a way to impress his then-girlfriend and now-wife and has since grown enough for him to start his own business called Art of Words.

Duffy is a sports fan so most of his works capture some of the most memorable moments and people in sports over the last decade, including World Series winners and national champions.

As a lifelong Penn State fan, a big part of his work is focused specifically on creating Nittany Lions-related art.

“I’m sure in my lifetime I’ll be spending a thousand hours on Penn State pieces, for sure,” said Duffy. “I look forward to it.”

Duffy sells his pictures online and at various pop-up shops in southcentral Pennsylvania during the holiday season.

Read more about Dan Duffy at ABC27 by clicking here.

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