CCEDC Announces Initiative to Further Connect, Integrate VISTA Millennial Superstars into County’s Future

The Chester County Economic Development Council has announced CCEDC ConNext, a new initiative that aims to connect the county’s next generation of leaders.

Through collaboration with public and private partners, the Chester County Economic Development Council initiates, implements, and innovates programs that improve the business climate and community, thus making Chester County a premier place to live and work.

As such, the CCEDC, one of the founding partners of VISTA Today, has announced that it has created a new initiative, called CCEDC ConNext, that aims to connect the county’s next generation of leaders, as identified annually through the VISTA Millennial Superstars event.

In October, VISTA Today revealed that it was launching VISTA Millennial Superstars, a program to honor the county’s most dynamic business and professional leaders, under the age of 40, who are shaping the county’s bright future.

A VISTA Millennial Superstar is breaking down walls, shattering expectations, and doing remarkable work in his or her profession or community.

The inaugural class of these Superstars will be announced on Dec. 16.

Through CCEDC ConNext, the Council will help complement the VMS program by nurturing these elite individuals by further integrating them into opportunities throughout the county.

For more than a half-century, the CCEDC has promoted smart growth in the region, and it is looking forward to providing the VISTA Millennial Superstars with opportunities to flourish as professionals and fostering their connections with other leaders.

Click here to nominate someone as a VISTA Millennial Superstar.

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