Educational Program of Local Nonprofit Inspires Next Generation of Conservationists

Image via Willistown Conservation Trust.

Rushton Nature Keepers, an educational program created by the Willistown Conservation Trust, is inspiring the next generation of conservationists, writes Blake Goll for County Lines Magazine.

The program is now in its second year and its primary goal is to provide children between the ages of 7 and 12 with the chance to develop a meaningful relationship with nature. The program nurtures a spirit of discovery and wonder and provides experiences that fuel a lifelong interest in protecting the environment.

Monthly sessions focus on four themes: birds and wildlife, sustainable farming, watersheds, and healthy habitats. Each session covers one of the subjects, but the connection among them is the common theme.

Kids learn about the origins of their food, the rewards gained from spending a season on the farm, and how nature and agriculture can prosper, side by side.

Nature Keepers also learn about bird conservation and the ecology of streams and develop science and observation skills along the way. They also get the chance to meet some of the best experts in the fields they are learning about.

Read more about Willistown Conservation Trust’s Rushton Nature Keepers in County Lines Magazine here.

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