As Video Game Industry Flourishes, New Gaming Center Opens in West Chester

Image via Fran Maye, Digital First Media.

Level13, a 35-station video gaming center, recently opened its doors to eager gamers on South High Street in West Chester, writes Fran Maye for the Daily Local News.

The owner, Kevin Mash, is hoping to take advantage of the growing popularity of video games, which netted the U.S. video game industry more than $30 billion in revenue last year.

Recently, a study found that video gaming contributes to poor relationships with peers and parents. But Mash says his gaming center gives people the opportunity to game together, instead of alone.

“The excitement level and the energy here is explosive,” he said. “This is a new way to think about playing games.”

According to Mash, the average age of gamers at Level13 is between fifth and 10th grade. Those 13 and older can be dropped off at the center.

The most popular games are Fortnite, Overwatch, FIFA, and Madden football. Portal 2, a problem-solving game, is also gaining popularity.

“Portal 2 is a brilliant game,” he said. “There is no violence, no shooting, and there are different challenges and the storyline is funny.”

Next, Mash plans to start staging video game contests, with weekly tournaments and prizes.

Read more about the new gaming center in the Daily Local News here.

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