Macy’s to Invest $200 Million to Upgrade 50 Stores Across the Country; Exton Not One of Them

Kimberly McGuane

Its store at the Exton Square Mall is not a part of Macy’s Inc.’s plan to invest $200 million into 50 stores across the country; however, its store at the King of Prussia Mall is, writes Andy Brownfield for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

The Cincinnati-based department store is investing in its Growth50 stores. Fifty locations across the U.S. will receive a total of $200 million in investment to create a more vibrant experience for shoppers.

As part of the upgrades, the Growth50 stores will get new lighting and flooring, refurbished fitting rooms and restrooms, and new or expanded furniture departments. Each location will also receive new products unique to its demographics.

The Growth50 stores are also expanding staffing levels and store hours to add new services, including a complementary personal shopping service, a dedicated location for online purchase pick-ups and returns, and a mobile app that allows users to process their own purchases.

A number of the selected stores will also offer food and beverages.

Read more about Macy’s in the Philadelphia Business Journal here.

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