VISTA Breakfast: The Buttery

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Publisher’s note: This VISTA Breakfast post is the first in an ongoing series of Chester County breakfast spot reviews.

By Rena Coyle

I celebrate all those early risers that find their way to work long before dawn in order to make my breakfast a memorable start to the day.

The Buttery, located on East King Street in Malvern, opened 3 years ago, has a full staff of early morning bakers and chefs that set the stage for every customer’s wish from latte to warm croissants.

The Buttery’s morning offerings are based on colorful and textural breakfast foods that that have just been pulled from the oven.

Each day a new selection of breads, biscuits, pastries, quiche, egg bowls and homemade granola crusted chia seed puddings find themselves lined up along the edge of the open kitchen in a way that makes it impossible to choose just one.

As you walk through the door, it is apparent that you are sharing in the vision of John and Selenia Rhoads, The Buttery’s proprietors. A large industrial loft space, soften with a series of communal tables topped with mason jars of field flowers, soft leather sofas, tables with cookbooks, bags of cookies or granola and racks of fresh baked bread.

It is a relaxed atmosphere where you place your coffee or beverage order at the front before finding a spot at a table. Before leaving you jot down what you have eaten on a slip of paper and give it to the cashier on the way out.

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A stack of wooden slabs starts the continuous display of freshly baked breakfast items prepared with mostly organic and locally sourced ingredients.

On one of my visits, I had a classic French quiche Lorraine, deep and custardy and it was exquisite.  The perfectly baked custard was rich and the Swiss cheese tangy, with bits of a good flavored ham.

Another favorite of mine is the big flaky biscuit, spiced with cayenne and black pepper and flecked with cheddar and ham.

Croissants, fruit galettes and other pastries are perfectly line up with the same deliberative placement as was the care taken preparing them. Pastries are crisp and crusts are flaky.

Bowls with fried eggs and bacon served on top of sautéed potatoes with tomatoes and pepper are rotated in, a few at a time in order to keep them warm.

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If you have kids, what little one could pass up the toast bar?

The breads baked just feet away, sliced, toasted and served with creamy butter, homemade peanut butter and jams.

Other easy breakfast impulses include scones, pecan sticky or cinnamon buns and yogurt parfait with seasonal fruits.

As the morning wears on, one by one the breakfast selections begin to disappear and are replaced with lunch items.

Added to the edible procession are rustic, bubbly crusted flat breads topped with sliced tomatoes and cheese, delicious and interestingly composed salads, brothy soups, crisp baguette sandwiches and savory croissant tarts, just to name a few.

It is apparent that the breads and pastries bake here are really a personal expression! Lavain style breads takes patience and time, but also a perfect touch for a successful outcome.

All the breads and pastries have a visual precision; they are perfectly rolled, formed and baked.

Clearly this isn’t just a restaurant and bakery, but is a part of the Rhoads’ lifestyle and passion. John Rhoads grew up in Devon and after working in marketing, living in several different parts of the country, decided on coming back to his roots with Selenia to raise their family and start their business.

The Buttery

233 East King St.
Malvern, PA 19355


  • Tues-Fri 6:30–4
  • Sat-Sun 7:30-4


Rena Coyle is an accomplished food and marketing professional with vast experience in all aspects of creating, developing, and communicating strategic messages for major food conglomerates to the media and consumers. Rena, who lives in Newtown Square, can be reach via email at or by telephone at 610.662.9894.




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