New Study: Chester County Has the Most Expensive Childcare Costs in the State

Image via KinderCare.

A recent study has examined the cost of childcare nationwide, and it has revealed that Chester County has the most expensive childcare costs in Pennsylvania, writes Grant Suneson for

With parents wanting to foster a nurturing and caring environment for their children, but at the same time needing to work, childcare has a become a booming business. Family members sometimes step in, but in most cases, the best way is to leave it to the professionals.

Across the country, average childcare costs exceed $6,000 per child per year. However, in Chester County, that figure nearly doubles to around $11,415 for a two-parent, one-child household.

These days, childcare services offer more than just a supervised location to drop off your kids. More expensive providers offer a range of additional services, such as high-quality education programs and even activities like yoga.

“Over 11 million children under the age of five are in some type of childcare arrangement each week. On average, these children spend 36 hours a week in childcare,” said RaeAnn Pickett, senior manager of public relations for Child Care Aware of America, a childcare advocacy group.

Read more about childcare costs at here.

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