Retired Bloodstock Agent Still Around Horses at His Farm in Kennett Square

Image of Russell Jones via the Paulick Report.

A decade after selling Walnut Green, a bloodstock agency that buys and sells Thoroughbreds on behalf of clients, Russell Jones, 83, is busier than ever, having retired to his farm in Kennett Square, writes Natalie Voss for the Paulick Report.

“I worked hard as the devil for all those years running that agency,” Jones said. “My brother and I started it in the ’70s, and we did 30 years in a row at Saratoga. At the time, we were the biggest sales agency outside Central Kentucky.”

A lifelong foxhunter, Jones rides the majority of the year. He still has four horses grazing in his backyard, three of which are semi- or completely-retired hunters between 18 and 23 years old.

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When he’s not riding, Jones visits horse sales, reads catalogues, and scouts for good deals at auctions across the globe.

He purchases 10-15 mares each year, then breeds and sells them the following winter. And it’s his busy schedule that keeps him young.

“Every afternoon, I do 2.5 to 3 miles, just to keep my heart pumping and the joints lubricated,” he said. “You slow down, you’re finished.”

Read more about Russell Jones from the Paulick Report here.

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