Plan for Mosteller Building Site in West Chester Approved


West Chester Borough Council has approved builder Eli Kahn’s Plaza Plan for the Mosteller Building site at Gay and Church streets, writes Bill Rettew in the Daily Local News.

The Plaza Plan calls for an L-shaped, four-story, 59-foot-tall building, with office space on the top three floors and retail space on the first floor. It also features an open plaza and water fountains.

The Mosteller Building, which has been vacant for many years and is in a state of deterioration, will be demolished. Kahn bought the former Chester County Annex from the county in 2011.

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Council voted 5-2 to eliminate the conditional use requirement for the district. Kahn said construction of underground parking at the Mosteller Building site would be cost prohibitive. Instead, he will be charged with supplying parking elsewhere in the borough.

“This is something the borough doesn’t have, something unique,” Kahn said about the plan last June. “This doesn’t exist on any street in the borough.”

West Chester Borough Council isn’t the only group supporting Kahn’s design. The Greater West Chester Chamber has given its full support for the project since Kahn originally proposed the Plaza Plan in 2015.

“When the Chamber looks to advocate on an issue we look at it from two perspectives: Is it good for the community at large and is it good for the business community. The Chamber has offered its resources to the Borough of West Chester and E. Kahn Development Corporation to work through any challenges that may arise,” said Mark Yoder, the GWCC’s President.

“The Greater West Chester Chamber and the West Chester Community are fortunate to have Eli Kahn and his associates’ passion be behind this project. The Chamber and its Business Advocacy Committee wholeheartedly supports this project.”

Read more about the Plaza Plan in the Daily Local News by clicking here.

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