VISTA Market: Philadelphia Eagles, Baby!


Have the Philadelphia Eagles been in your family’s blood since 1933? How can you ensure that the next generation is growing up right?

By making sure they are surrounded by the Eagles from their very first days.

It might be a 5-piece car seat set covered with the Eagles logo, or a Philadelphia Princess onesie. Whatever it is, we all know that everyone loves an Eagles baby.

If you’re decked out for the party on Sunday, shouldn’t your baby be, too?  And if you’re going to a Super Bowl party, it’s only polite to bring a gift for the kids.

Your hosts will love you (which may get you more beer or chicken wings, which is always a good thing, right?).

So, what can you do with little time left before the big day? How about a Philadelphia Eagles baby rattle set? Or one of my personal favorites, the “I drool green and black” bib.

Pro tip: Overnight shipping.

Remember, loving the eagles isn’t just for the adults.


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