Gendel Girls Bring an Ex Back into the Family Business … and It’s Not Even Awkward

Image of Kathy Gendel and Michel Larocque via David Swanson, Philadelphia Inquirer.

Kathy Gendel, founder and CEO of the Chester Springs-based Gendel Girls, has rehired her oldest daughter’s ex-husband, Michel Larocque, as director of business development, writes Diane Mastrull for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Larocque, a former professional hockey player, left the company that makes lingerie three years ago. Last year, though, he was invited back by his former mother-in-law for a special project. After confirming with his ex-wife that it would be okay, he made the decision to return.

Now, Kalina Gendel says the new situation is challenging, but says there’s an upside to working with the man with whom she has two children.

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“The things that help us co-parent very well – facing challenges, coming up with solutions to problems, have actually helped our business relationship,” said Kalina. “Our working relationship is better now than it was before.”

Both she and Larocque attribute this to space. Now that they are living apart, they have the work-life balance that was missing when they were married and working together.

Interestingly, Kathy is not ready to reveal the nature of the project that caused her to bring Larocque back, saying that he is “the only person that can do this.”

Read more about the Gendel Girls in the Philadelphia Inquirer here.

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