Contender for Governor Understands Plight of Chester County’s Mushroom Harvesters

Scott Wagner, right, participates in the 4-H Livestock Auction at the Pennsylvania Farm Show.

Scott Wagner, one of the Republican contenders hoping to unseat Gov. Tom Wolf, took his campaign to the Pennsylvania Farm Show, where he met with Chester County mushroom harvesters, writes Andrew Seidman for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Wagner, who won a special Senate election four years ago as a write-in candidate, listened to two western Chester County experts on the mushroom trade, as they explained that immigrants are of key importance to their $500-million-a-year industry.

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After the conversation, Wagner said that there is a misconception that mushroom growers employ a high number of undocumented immigrants. He said that that many of the people working on mushroom farms are citizens, while some have green cards, and the majority earn a decent salary and pay taxes.

“We are no longer just a black-and-white society,” said Wagner. “People that are growing up here, a lot of people in America that are raising families — they’re not going into mushroom fields or mushroom barns; they’re not going into asparagus and broccoli fields, tomato fields, and the apple orchards.”

Read more about Scott Wagner in the Philadelphia Inquirer here.

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