Philadelphia Area Among Nation’s Top Five Most Improved Economies for Job Growth


Federal employment data puts the Philadelphia area among the nation’s Top Five most improved large metropolitan economies for job growth from 2015 to 2016, according to a report in the Philadelphia Business Journal.

The study published by Headlight Data shows that Philadelphia posted the fourth most improved economy for the 12-month period. The study used federal employment numbers sourced from national data to determine how much each individual area’s economy had grown year to year.

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According to the data, the Philadelphia metro saw the number of employed people increase by more than 45,000, or a growth rate of 1.7 percent. This is 0.45 percent higher than the growth rate for Philadelphia as a whole over the same period.

Cities that showed an even stronger rate of growth than Philadelphia are Nashville, Grand Rapids, and Tucson. Larger cities like New York, San Francisco, and Boston ranked in the middle in comparison to other metropolitan areas across the nation. In fact, all three of them showed a reduced rate of growth over the same period.

Read more about the nationwide changes in job growth in the Philadelphia Business Journal by clicking here.

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Top photo credit: Alexander Day Philadelphia I via photopin (license)

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