Brandywine Health Foundation Requests Proposals from Nonprofits Serving Coatesville Area


Image via the Brandywine Health Foundation.

The Brandywine Health Foundation’s 2017 fall grant-making request for proposals is now available online here.

Nonprofit organizations serving the Greater Coatesville Area that meet the foundation’s strategic priorities are welcome to apply. The grant application deadline is Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017.

Brandywine Health Foundation’s Strategic Priorities for 2016-2019 are:

  • Priority 1: Health Equity – Ensure that every resident of the Greater Coatesville community has the opportunity to make choices that will allow them to live a long and healthy life, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, disability, income, or background.
  • Priority 2: Healthy Youth – Empower youth aged 12-24 in the community to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle, cultivate leadership skills and experience, and achieve their goals for the future.
  • Priority 3: Healthy Community – Improve community conditions that help impact the health of everyone in Greater Coatesville.

“We are looking forward to receiving applications from nonprofit organizations that provide high quality, affordable medical, dental, and behavioral health services, in addition to helping to improve the quality of life in a variety of ways for the residents who live in the Coatesville area,” said Vanessa Briggs, Brandywine Health Foundation’s President and CEO.

“As the new president and CEO, I am honored to continue to learn about the stellar nonprofit agencies in our community providing critical services to our neighbors.”

If interested in applying to the Brandywine Health Foundation, please check its website to determine if you meet the foundation’s focus and priorities.

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