South Korea’s Coast Guard a Big Fan of Search-and-Rescue Helicopter Made in Coatesville

Sikorsky Helicopter
Sikorsky S-92 search-and-rescue helicopter manufactured in Coatesville. Lockheed Martin's CEO confirmed the Sikorsky helicopter plant in Coatesville will stay open, following an intervention by President Donald Trump.

After watching its first Sikorsky S-92 helicopter save 30 lives through search-and-rescue or emergency medical missions, the South Korea Coast Guard welcomed another S-92 to its fleet this week.

“The safety and performance of our current S-92 aircraft has truly provided reliability when it comes to the time-sensitive mission of saving lives,” said South Korea Coast Guard Senior Superintendent Kim Youngmo in a Vertical magazine announcement.

“We look forward to putting this new aircraft into operations to continue performing our mission.”

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That first Sikorsky S-92 has been put through 850 flight hours since its 2014 debut. The S-92 is the same model that Sikorsky is building the U.S. president’s helicopters upon.

“We are honored by your trust in Sikorsky and in our S-92 helicopter when performing these critical missions,” said Coatesville Operations General Manager Audrey Brady. “We look forward to continuing our relationship, and as always, we are committed to providing world-class support to your fleet.”

Read more about the South Korea Coast Guard’s S-92 in Vertical magazine here, and check out previous VISTA Today coverage of Sikorsky here.

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