Most Philly-Area Professionals Lured from State College, Then Lost to California


The Philadelphia area is the predominant first stop for students from Penn State and other universities, but established Philly-area professionals are most often lured away to bigger cities on both the West and East coasts.

Based on a LinkedIn study of recent user profile changes, the Philly area was the top destination for professionals from State College, while those who left Philly headed for Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, or Washington, D.C., most often, according to a Philadelphia Business Journal report.

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Behind the big three were other coastal hubs like Seattle, New York City, Tampa Bay, Charlotte, and Boston. The only inland Top 10 migration destinations for Philly professionals were Atlanta and Denver.

Of those attracted to Philadelphia, LinkedIn credited the city as being a hub for healthcare workers who are most skilled in the pharmaceutical, healthcare management, and medical fields.

Read more about the LinkedIn study of where Philly professionals come from and go to in the Philadelphia Business Journal here.

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