Bloomberg: Turnpike a Contender for Trump’s Public, Private Infrastructure Partnership


The Pennsylvania Turnpike is looking to take advantage of President Donald Trump’s push to attract private investors into infrastructure rehabilitation, writes Gillian Tan for Bloomberg.

The program involves the sale or long-term lease of a major infrastructure project, and gives the buyer operational control.

States and municipalities could then use the funds from the sale or lease, along with government incentives, to fund further infrastructure improvements. They could also be used to supplement spending in other areas such as healthcare, transportation, and education.

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(Image via Bloomberg)

The turnpike has been exploring the possibility of privatization for several years, and has gone as far as to ask for and receive bids on variations on this scenario. As a result, this has puts it at the top of the list of projects that could be used as a litmus test for this new approach.

However, despite the obvious financial benefits to the state, having public assets, like roads and airports, function as for-profit businesses has raised some concerns.

Read more about the possible Pennsylvania Turnpike revitalization at Bloomberg by clicking here.

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