For Some Professions, Including Teaching, Affordable Housing in the Area Is Hard to Find

According to Trulia’s research, affordable housing is available to doctors and first responders in the Philadelphia area, while restaurant workers and other professionals struggle. Image via Trulia.

Rising home prices and low inventory are making it even harder for middle-income Americans to buy a home, writes Cheryl Young for Trulia.

The typical worker makes around $37,040 annually, according to the national median, while the average house costs about $254,900. This means that a worker on a median salary would have to spend close to 42 percent of his or her income to cover the mortgage payments.

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However, the national median does not tell the whole story. To get a better picture, Trulia examined affordable housing options for teachers, first responders, restaurant workers, and doctors in around 100 major metros in the country.

In the Philadelphia area, where the median list price of homes is $189,900, doctors who earned an average of $196,590 in 2016 are in the best position to buy a home.

With a median income of $70,760, first responders have affordable listing percentage of 73.30. However, teachers, with an average income of $58,657, can have trouble affording a home.

Going hand in hand with the nationwide trend, restaurant workers struggle with a median income of just $22,064. Despite such unfavorable numbers, Philadelphia ranks in the Top 10 metro areas nationwide for restaurant workers to purchase a home.

Read more of these findings at Trulia by clicking here.

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