West Chester’s Clean-Flo Helping to Save Lake in Bucks County

The nonprofit Friends of Lake Afton reached out to West Chester’s Clean-Flo last year to help it develop a plan to save the lake from algae. Image via Bucks Local News.

With algae threatening the very life of Lake Afton in Yardley, a local nonprofit reached out to West Chester’s Clean-Flo last year to help it develop a plan of action to save the picturesque lake, writes Jeff Werner for Bucks Local News.

Clean-Flo, which has been restoring water bodies with cutting edge technologies for more than 45 years, immediately responded by starting an aggressive application of biological algae treatments. It has also recommended other solutions for algae control, many of which will be implemented later this year.

Last year, the Friends of Lake Afton nonprofit replaced the lake’s three aerators to help oxygenate the water and cut down on the algae. Also, during warmer spring and summer months, Clean-Flo will be putting black dye in the lake to act like sunglasses. This should help keep the water from heating up as much, preventing further algae growth.

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However, these efforts are not cheap, and FOLA is working to raise the much-needed $15,000 through community support and numerous fundraisers.

“Without continued efforts to get rid of this algae, it would eventually choke the oxygen out of the lake, causing all that live in and depend on Lake Afton for its food and water supplies to become sick and die, ending with Lake Afton becoming a swamp,” said Michelle Sharer, president of FOLA.

Read more about the cleanup and beautification efforts from Bucks Local News here.

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