West Chester Brothers Carve Their Own Niche in Coffee Industry with Bottled Brew

Brothers Adam and Dave Jones have started the Peloton Cold Brew Coffee Company in West Chester, where they steep their beans for 24 hours in cold water. Image via Peloton.

Taking a cue from the incessant demand for coffee, two brothers from West Chester have decided to throw their hat into the “coffee ring,” but with a twist, writes Vittoria Woodill for CBS Philly.

Adam and Dave Jones make their cold-brewed coffee at the Peloton Cold Brew Coffee Company. The idea came to Adam when he needed of a jolt to keep his energy up. He went out to a bodega one night while living in New York, and got a cold-brewed coffee and thought “man, this is really good; I could actually drink this stuff. So I went home and started brewing it.”

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Unlike the usual coffee brewing process that involves hot water, cold brewing is a process that never involves heat. Instead, the two brothers steep their beans for 24 hours in cold water. The result is freshly brewed coffee that can be enjoyed either hot or cold.

The company has quickly grown and now sells its coffee to the White House and Pentagon.

“We use an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans, which is just a really good, high-quality bean with a little bit of a medium dark roast,” said Adam.

Read more about the Peloton Cold Brew Coffee Company at CBS Philly here.

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