Victory’s Prima Pils Sets Example for Craft Breweries in a Crowded Market


Image via Victory Brewing Company.

Choosing to focus on a core beer, like Downingtown’s Victory Brewing does with Prima Pils, could make the difference for the growing number of craft breweries attempting to get a foothold in the market, writes Jason Notte for MarketWatch.

A year ago, Victory founder Bill Covaleski said that the best way for newcomers to survive in the crowded beer market is to streamline their portfolio toward products with a broader appeal.

Prima Pils has proven to be one of these.

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The number of breweries is constantly expanding, growing from 4,200 to 5,300 nationwide in just the last year, and thus making it more important than ever to find a product that is distinctive and will draw customers in. With the number of Pilsner drinkers growing each year, this light and refreshing beer seems to be the solution.

But creating a good Pilsner requires a combination of skill and an extensive storage capacity. This makes it easier for large craft brewers to produce. That said, smaller U.S. breweries are not shying away from brewing their own pilsners either.

Read more about the growing beer market from MarketWatch here, and check out previous VISTA Today coverage of Victory Brewing here.

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