Veterinary Cancer Center in Malvern Adds New Device to Range of High-Tech Equipment

Dr. Siobhan Haney, Veterinary CyberKnife Cancer Center's medical director, and CEO Chris Popper. Image via John George, Philadelphia Business Journal.

The Veterinary CyberKnife Cancer Center in Malvern has added one more device to its range of high-tech equipment to help treat animals suffering from cancer, writes John George for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

The privately owned, advanced radiation treatment center now has a linear accelerator, which can deliver direct radiation therapy treatments. This allows doctors to target a specific tumor and deliver the radiation, while minimizing exposure to nearby healthy organs and tissue.

The center was opened three years ago by the facility’s president and CEO, Chris Popper, along with Dr. Jun Yang, a medical physicist specializing in clinical radiation. Since opening in 2014, the clinic has treated 180 patients, but expects to grow that by 25 percent this year, thanks to the new device.

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The latest device procurement has brought the total investment in high-tech equipment by the Veterinary Cyberknife Cancer Center to $3 million. Popper noted that the high cost of both the technology and its maintenance has prevented other veterinary medical centers from establishing similar facilities.

According to Dr. Siobhan Haney, medical director at the center, the addition of the linear accelerator will make it possible to help more pets.

“With the linear accelerator we can treat a broader range of cancers,” she said.

Read more about the Veterinary CyberKnife Cancer Center in the Philadelphia Business Journal here.

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