Oxford’s Tasty Baking Plant Responsible for the Rise of the Honey Bun

Twenty years ago, honey buns are shown moving along the production line at the Tasty Baking plant in Oxford. Photo courtesy of Bill Lyons.

Twenty years ago, Tastykake’s famous honey buns were just beginning to rise. That’s when Tasty Baking re-fired the ovens of a former Keebler facility in Oxford for the new product, according to a throwback Daily Local News report by Marcella Peyre-Ferry.

The Oxford production plant opened 20 years ago this month with 40 employees, after Tasty Baking’s honey bun trial left very few crumbs.

“A lot of times, we do a market survey to determine what our consumers are looking for, then develop a recipe,” spokeswoman Kathy Grim said. “Once we establish a market for it, we bring it in-house.”

At the time, Tasty Baking commanded a majority of the regional market, and its honey buns generated sales of $20 million.

“The location is great. We couldn’t be more pleased,” Grim said. “The borough of Oxford wins too. We’re creating tax revenues for them, and we have good neighbors.”

Read more Tasty Baking nostalgia in the Daily Local News here.

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