Hundreds Gather at Parish in Downingtown to Strengthen Marriages, Families


Image of a couple enjoying the Family Fully Alive Festival at St. Joseph Parish in Downingtown via Sarah Webb, Catholic Philly.

Amidst a world that often fights for individual rights, hundreds of Chester County residents converged on Downingtown to wrap their arms around the importance of family.

The Family Fully Alive Festival at St. Joseph Parish showcased three speakers “centered around pro-family, pro-life, and pro-dignity messages,” according to a Catholic Philly report by Kevin Hagan.

The messages of the Family Fully Alive Festival underscored the significance of fostering strong marriages for strong children, the serious damage caused by abortion, the importance of teaching about sexuality and marriage, and the desperate need for faithful men and fathers.

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“Men face a need for ‘generational’ healing today,” said The King’s Men Co-Founder and President Mark Houck. “Fathers need to lead a sacramental life. Men are not going to confession today. We need them to be leading the family by example. It’s not enough to be good; we need to be perfected through God’s grace.”

Houck noted that 90 percent of children retain faith when a father is leading the family spiritually.

Read more about the Family Fully Alive Festival from Catholic Philly here.

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