Victory’s Pilsner Makes Washington Post’s List of Perfect Draft Beer

Image via Victory Brewing Company.

If you are looking to build a list of the perfect draft beer, be sure to include Victory Brewing Company’s Prima Pils, writes Fritz Hahn for The Washington Post.

For some bars, having something for everybody on tap may seem like a good idea. But sometimes, having too many choices can be overwhelming or even intimidating for customers.

However, making a smaller draft menu is not easy as there are several factors to consider, most importantly variety.

Bars needs to ensure they are offering a number of flavor profiles, such as pilsner and IPAs, and know their target market.

While it can be tempting to offer a lineup filled with barrel-aged stouts and various styles of IPAs, this can confuse the average patron. Instead, there needs to be a balance along with the occasional unexpected selection.

Following these guidelines, The Washington Post has created its own list of 12 draft beers that would make the perfect selection, and included Victory’s Prima Pils.

Named as possibly the best hop-forward pils in America, Prima Pils is often the top choice for both beer aficionados and the regular beer drinker.

See what other beers made the cut in The Washington Post here, and check out previous VISTA Today coverage of Victory Brewing here.

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