Chester County Briefs: AmerisourceBergen, Sikorsky, Phoenixville Firebird, EdgeCraft


The Phoenixville Firebird burn in 2013 (Photo courtesy of Alvin Clay and

Steven H. Collis Named Chairman of the Board at AmerisourceBergen

Stephen H. Collis AmerisourceBergen
Steven H. Collis, AmerisourceBergen Chairman-elect and CEO.

AmerisourceBergen announced last week that, following Richard C. Gozon’s retirement as Chairman of the Board this coming March, Steven H. Collis, the current President and Chief Executive Officer, will take over as Chairman of the Board.

At the same time, Jane E. Henney, M.D., will become the Board’s Lead Independent Director.

This shuffle in responsibilities however, is contingent on both Collis and Henney being re-elected as directors, positions they have held at the Valley Forge based company since 2011 and 2002 respectively.

The relevant votes are scheduled for the annual meeting of stockholders which is planned for March 3rd next year.

“With his unparalleled knowledge of the Company and industry, Steve is uniquely positioned to lead AmerisourceBergen as it moves forward and to fulfill the Company’s long-term strategic objectives and expansion into new markets,” said Gozon. “His strategy has built, and will continue to build, value for shareholders.”

The Finalized Sikorsky Purchase Pushes Lockheed Stock to a 52 Week High

Aircraft technician assembles an S-92A helicopter ordered by the coastguard at Sikorsky Global Helicopters in Coatesville (Photo courtesy of Reuters)
Aircraft technician assembles an S-92A helicopter ordered by the coastguard at Sikorsky Global Helicopters in Coatesville last year. (Photo courtesy of Reuters)

In the wake of the recently finalized acquisition of Black Hawk helicopter manufacturer Sikorsky Aircraft from United Technologies, shares of Lockheed Martin jumped to a new 52-week high of $226.98 last week.

By the end of Friday’s trading, the share price had fallen back slightly closing at $226.06.

The latest figures show that Lockheed, which has a market cap of around $69.47 billion, has seen its shares climb by over 17 percent so far this year, compared to only a 1.47 percent increase for the S&P 500 over the same period.

The purchase of Sikorsky, with its Coatesville production facility, cost Lockheed $9 billion, but bolstered its position as the world’s largest defense contractor and significantly expanded its helicopter business arm.

The move is expected to be a strong revenue booster for Lockheed, easing in the process some of the pressure from a shrinking defense budget.

Phoenixville Firebird Ready to Burn and Rise from the Ashes

The Phoenixville Firebird is once again ready to take flight. The structure has already been completed and now fans of this icon will have to wait for its highly anticipated ceremonial burn, scheduled for December 5th.

The massive construction was built by dozens of volunteers in a matter of hours this weekend as a part of the Phoenixville Firebird Festival, and continues a decade long tradition that was started by artist Henrik Stubbe Teglbjaerg.

The festival burns a 30-foot long wooden statue of a phoenix as a symbol of the Borough’s rise from the ashes of an economic downturn. The event is visited by thousands from across the region, where they participate in the celebration which includes local artists and performers.

Avondale’s EdgeCraft Guarantees Sharp Knives for the Turkey Season

Launched in 1985, Avondale based EdgeCraft originally began as a small experiment by Daniel D. Friel Sr. who was, at the time, a frustrated scientist and engineer. His goal was simple. He wanted to make sure he never mangled another roast turkey due to struggling with a dull knife.

Now marketed in 80 countries, the company’s Chef’s Choice Model 100 electric knife sharpener for home and professional cooks is a worldwide hit with culinary experts.

It is also a staple of well known kitchen supply stores such as Williams-Sonoma, Kitchen Kapers, Kitchen & Company, Sur La Table, and Hockessin’s Everything But the Kitchen Sink.

Delaware online interviewed the company’s President, Sam Weiner ahead of the holidays, a time of year keeps the 150 employees working at the Avondale plant especially busy. Not surprisingly, because as Weiner points out, “knives are such an important aspect of cooking, especially at the holidays.”

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