Philadelphia Business Journal Publishes Regional List of Best Paying Jobs

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Most people, at one time or other, wonder if they have made the right career choice financially speaking. Add to that the natural curiosity over the taboo topic of salaries and enter the Philadelphia Business Journal, with the answer, as it has just published a list of the best-paying jobs in the Philadelphia region.

To create the list, the publication’s parent company, American City Business Journals, performed in-depth research into raw data provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Employment Statistics program, to uncover the salary standings for the region.

The list of highest-paying occupations for the Greater Philadelphia region excludes the health care industry, as that sector tends to overshadow the remuneration available in other sectors.

While most people can guess the top five highest paying positions, it is always good to have more information available when considering a possible career change or just to see where your salary compares to the industry average for a specific position.

In fifth spot are financial managers. Considering that they handle the finances of some of the biggest companies not only in the state but in many cases the country as well, it is not surprising that they made an average salary of $154,190 in 2014.

Ellen Kullman, CEO at DuPont, made $14,330,612 in 2014, according to a report by the Philly Voice.
Ellen Kullman, CEO at DuPont, made $14,330,612 in 2014, according to a report by the Philly Voice.

Coming in ahead by a narrow margin with the fourth best paying job in the area is architectural and engineering manager. The 3,140 employees in this specialized area made an average of $155,160 in the last year.

The third position on the list is marketing managers, who made an average of $159,490 per year. Showing that advertising really does pay, the second spot is also reserved for the same field, with advertising and promotion managers just sneaking past their sector colleagues. The average salary for the 440 employees comes in at $160,420.

Finally, the highest paid position will come as no surprise to anybody, as it belongs to chief executives. The average pay for the 4,600 CEO’s in the Philadelphia region was $214,910 annually in 2014 which may not be as high some might expect, but is certainly well earned as they are charged with leading hundreds and in some cases, thousands of employees across the region.

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