Final Beam Connects Two Halves Of King of Prussia Mall

King of Prussia Mall
The rendering of the new King of Prussia Mall expansion.

SIMONMALLSThe nation’s second-largest mall is no longer divided; the final steel beam linking the King of Prussia Mall’s plaza and court was expected to be placed Tuesday, and the “trophy mall” is now focused on adding 50 new retail storefronts — nearly half of them for luxury brands — en route to a fall 2016 grand opening.

“For the first time ever, the two parts of King of Prussia will be unified,” Simon Property Group President David Contis said in a report. “The steel will be completed. King of Prussia will no longer be two separate parts.”

David J. Contis, President of Mall Platform & Sr. E.V.P. Simon Property Group
David J. Contis, President of Mall Platform & Sr. E.V.P. Simon Property Group

New restaurants and a dining pavilion are also slated for inclusion in the 170,000-square-foot expansion, which brings the mall to 2.86 million square feet — four times as big as the 1963 original. The addition of 700 employees is also expected.

“We have a very broad customer base,” Contis added. “The demographics and psycho-graphics are really great, ranging from luxury to popular, all things to all people. It’s one of the few malls in the country that can say that.”

And it’s one of the few malls that has such high demand from retailers that it can “increase retail rents from 5 percent to 10 percent a year,” DTZ real estate analyst Garrick Brown said in the article. “Everyone wants to be there.”

Read much more about some of the high-profile brands that have committed to space in the expansion on here, and check out previous VISTA Today coverage of the project here and detailed plans here.

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