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The state has leveled the playing field between hotels and Airbnb rentals through an agreement with Airbnb to collect and remit the hotel occupancy tax.--photo via WHYY, Emmma Lee.
Pennsylvania remains on the list of several states without state budgets.
Pennsylvania remains on the list of several states without state budgets.

VISTA Today Daily News Business Briefs are concise stories that bring you up to date with what’s going on around Chester County. This morning:

Still No Deal on the State Budget

The war of words still continues over the state budget. Despite the resumption of negotiations on July 6, no compromise has yet been reached.

Governor Wolf’s administration and the GOP controlled legislature are at loggerheads on where, amongst other things, new school funding should come from. The missed deadline last week means the state is operating without a budget to guide spending, which will soon curtail some of its ability to spend money and pay bills.

Wolf is insistent in his attempt to include a significant funding boost for public schools from alternate sources and provide property tax relief for homeowners. However, the Republican plan vetoed by Wolf, puts far less emphasis on education funding.

Top Republicans sent a sharply worded letter to Wolf, contending that his veto “puts politics above governing.” Wolf responded by calling it “reprehensible” that the GOP had not agreed to impose a new tax on natural gas drillers, money he wants to use for public schools.

Make a Day at the Jersey Shore Beach Even Better

Boardwalk Vista Today
A new startup from a Radnor Elementary school teacher aims to make life easy for beach goers. photo credit: Atlantic via photopin (license)

The latest mobile app innovation, Beach Caddy, helps beach goers in Ocean City, New Jersey to find somebody to carry their beach necessities for them.

The aim of the app is to make a trip to the beach even more enjoyable without the usual hassle of balancing chairs, towels, umbrellas and buckets, by employing students to help with the heavy lifting.

The idea was started by Todd Serpico, a Radnor elementary school teacher, who was soon joined by his wife, Rhiannon and her sister, as well as several neighbors who all offered their unique expertise to the app.

Customers can access the service which connects them with a willing teenager by using the Beach Caddy app, or accessing the mobile website version.  The service costs $10 to $15 and users can pay by credit card or PayPal.

ProfilePRO Combines with Cloud 10 to Offer a New Hair Care Solution

Delray-based Cloud 10 Salons has played a major role in the development of an innovative new hair care system that is now planning to go national, and potentially even global.

Marketed by Berwyn based, ProfilePro, through and, it is the first hair care system with shampoos and conditioners that are customized for the personal hair profile for every client.

With more than 100 Italian made formulas in the individually customized ProfilePro system, customers are going to be spoilt for choice. Twelve of the core ProfilePro formulas are already being introduced at the two Cloud 10 Salons in Delray Beach and Boca Raton

“If it weren’t for the inspiration of Jodi Dery” said Harold Poliskin, CEO of ProfilePro, “this remarkable reinvention of hair care would not have happened.“

 First Resource Bank Gets a Boost from its Stock Offering

Glen B Marshall President at First Resource Bank
Glen B. Marshall, President and CEO at First Reource Bank.

First Resource Bank, the locally owned state-chartered bank, has announced that its common stock offering has been a resounding success.

All of the 320,000 shares offered, as well as the optional 40,000 in additional shares, have been sold to new and existing shareholders. In addition, First Resource is also hoping that its ongoing subordinated debt offering of $4,000,000 of 6.50% notes will do as well.

“We are thrilled that investors showed such a high level of confidence in this common stock offering from First Resource Bank,“ stated President & CEO, Glenn B. Marshall. “We look forward to wrapping up the subordinated debt offering in the coming weeks to move forward with our plan to redeem 75% of our Small Business Lending Fund preferred stock.”

East Whiteland Fire Company Opens its Newly Renovated Fire Station

Firefighter Downingtown Fire
Firefighters from East Whiteland responded to a 3 alarm fire in Downingtown early this year. -via Pete Bannan and DLN

The new $4.7 million fire station for the East Whiteland Fire Company opened last week just in time to serve the public as damaging wind storms hit Chester County.

Mark Brunstetter, who has volunteered for the fire company since 1979, said he hopes the upgraded building will help attract young men and women to volunteer for the fire company. The old station was in operation since 1958, and many volunteers noted it was in poor condition and ill-suited for the needs of the township.

Veteran firefighter Steven Muhollan who has served the fire company since 1972, called the new station a “palace.” Even though paralyzed from the knees down during a training accident, Muhollan, is determined to serve the fire company in any capacity. “If there is something I can do, whatever it is, I’ll do it.”


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