Equal Pay Champion Lilly Ledbetter Addresses Women’s Leadership Initiative in Downingtown

Renowned civil rights and labor leader, Lilly Ledbetter, spoke at the Chester County Democratic Women’s Leadership Initiative on September 11.

Renowned civil rights and labor leader Lilly Ledbetter spoke at the Chester County Democratic Women’s Leadership Initiative at their fall gala in Downingtown on September 11, according to a staff report from Daily Local News.

After she lost her legal suit with Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co., where she was paid less than her lowest paid male counterpart, Ledbetter dedicated her life to advocating and fighting for equal pay for women. The case went as far as the United States Supreme Court, which decided against her in a 5-4 vote on a technicality: she had filed her claim more than 180 days past her first paycheck.

“I consider myself a great winner,” commented Ledbetter referring to the progress been made toward equal pay in the nine years since the Supreme Court delivered its verdict.

“Ms. Ledbetter’s amazing story inspired guests and challenged them to do their part to research the candidates and their positions, so that they can make informed decisions when casting their vote in November,” stated Michele Vaughn, co-founder of the leadership initiative.

She added that the remarks made by Ledbetter shine a spotlight on the ongoing and often ignored struggle that women continuously face in our society, be it in the workplace or in the public arena.

Read more about the speech at Daily Local News here.

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