Judith Lee: It Takes A Village

Ken Knickerbocker

By Judith Lee

I recently had a fantastic opportunity to participate in a roundtable for business students at Penn State’s Brandywine Campus. Let me first give a shoutout to PSU Professor Christina Olear and Chester County SCORE for organizing the event.

A couple of dozen students attended on their own time, which by itself is impressive. They had submitted questions ahead of time to Prof. Olear, who posed them to the four of us on the roundtable, Francis Shields, Steve Crumrine, Jane Katsnelson and myself. A few students asked additional questions (shoutout to Connor and Madison).

We did our best to give candid and practical answers to questions ranging from whether we’d experienced business failures, to what major(s) would be best for them to select, to how to manage the stress of business ownership. Here are my takeaways from this experience:

  • The next generation isn’t a bunch of “slackers” by any means! We have intelligent and interested young talent coming through the educational pipeline
  • Business owners and professionals have a responsibility to encourage and mold the next generation of business leaders
  • If you don’t regularly hire interns, start doing so now (contact the career center at any of the colleges in the area)
  • Make your next full-time or part-time hire a business student or recent graduate with a business major – I think you’ll be impressed with their skills

Remember someone who gave your career a boost, or just provided a seasoned perspective on a challenge or issue? You and I can – and should – be that person now.


4.6.2015 Judith LeeJudith Lee is a marketing and communications professional who focuses on social media and email marketing based in Atglen. She is a SCORE Volunteer and the Chair-Elect of the Southern Chester County Chamber of Commerce. She can be reached at 610-368-2058 or via email at judithlee@epix.net.