Critical Path Services Opens New Lab, Eyes Global Food Sustainability


Critical Path Services, LLC has opened its new Environmental Fate Laboratory in nearby Garnet Valley with a mission to contribute to the sustainability of a safe global food supply.

CPS, part of the global network of knoell® companies serving the regulated scientific community, has just added adsorption/desorption, hydrolysis, photolysis and soil metabolism studies to their diverse offerings.

“The ability to determine the potential environmental impact of crop protection products is part of a much bigger picture—the sustainability of the safest global food supply possible,” said Larry Mallis, Scientific Services director.  “We’re excited to contribute in this area.”

Mallis said environmental studies and high resolution mass spectrometry are new offerings. CPS can also work with radiolabeled samples to perform critical studies that track active ingredients and their metabolites in materials such as soil and water.

Julie Eble, Ph.D., founder and CEO, said the expansion is “the next logical step for our focused, high-quality lab.  The investment in the facility, instrumentation, 14C licensing, and, most importantly, key scientific staff is a part of our commitment to excellence in science. It’s part of our legacy, and it helps our clients achieve their goals. It’s great when everybody wins!”

Eble also said working with knoell partners gives CPS a global platform with top-notch international scientists.

CPS is a contract research organization offering laboratory analysis, regulatory consulting, and dossier services to the regulated scientific industry. The international knoell Group specializes in regulatory affairs, product safety and strategic consulting.

Top photo credit: Storm Crypt via photopin cc