Coffee Break: Top Five US Cities To Live In


Commute time, job growth, median income, unemployment and home value are just a few of the criteria the Wall Street Journal used to compile their rankings of the top five US cities to live in.

The Boston suburb of Newton, Massachusetts comes in number one.  Where?

Even though we’re not a city, lets see how Chester County stacks up against the cities mentioned by the WSJ.

Turns out living in the county stacks up pretty well against the five metropolitan areas featured in the WSJ video:

  • Commute time: 27.9 minutes, up only slightly since 2000
  • Job growth: Future job growth over the next ten years is predicted to be 39.10%.
  • Median Household Income: A respectable $84,184
  • Unemployment rate: A state low 4.5%
  • Home value: $309,300 according to Zillow.

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