West Chester’s Dave Magrogan Group Defies Hershey In Trademark Spat

Dave Magrogan Group and Hershey logos

West Chester-based restaurateur Dave Magrogan has tucked $1 million into his newest Harvest Seasonal Grill establishment in central Pennsylvania, and he isn’t looking back as the countdown to opening ticks down to mere weeks — even with Hershey Entertainment & Resorts knocking on his door with a complaint that he’s using nearly the same name and logo as its restaurant 10 miles away.

6.25.2015 DMG Dave Magrogan
Dave Magrogan

Magrogan’s first Harvest restaurant is trademarked (above right) but opened a year after Hershey’s Harvest (above left) at The Hotel Hershey and much farther east in Glen Mills.

“You’re not going to leave your office job three miles from Harvest here in Harrisburg and mistakenly go to that Harvest in Hershey,” Magrogan said, according to a PennLive article.

Nevertheless, Hershey has moved to get a preliminary injunction to not only stop the Dave Magrogan Group from using his name and logo in that part of the state but also pay damages and run ads to clear up any misunderstandings about the two restaurants.

Read more about the lawsuit on PennLive here.


Top image courtesy of www.pennlive.com

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