Rail Users Network Sets Conference For Business And Community Rail Travel Stake Holders


Are you interested in learning how passenger rail and rail transit can improve the economic vitality of the county?

Business and civic leaders, real estate developers, community planners, environmentalists and rail advocates are all invited to a Rail Users Network conference on Friday, May 2 at the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission in Philadelphia.

The event is sponsored by RUN, a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to improving the rail system in North America. The conference will run from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the commission’s office, 190 N. Independence Mall West, on the eighth floor

Run seeks to represent many different types of rail passengers, including long distance, commuter and transit riders and aims to bring the needs of rail users to the attention of those in charge. Focus of the conference will be on planning for a better regional rail transit system to improve the local economy.

Keynote speaker will be Dena Belzer, chief executive officer of Strategic Economics, Berkeley, Ca. Belzer will speak about how public transit can alleviate a wide range of urban and metropolitan problems including traffic congestion, air pollution, sprawl, long commutes, and shortages of affordable housing.

Byron Comati, director of strategic planning for SEPTA, will also speak about SEPTA’s capital improvement plan, Drew Galloway, chief of planning for Amtrak’s northeast corridor, will address Amtrak’s plans for high speed trains. There will also be panel discussions.

The registration fee is $65 before April 15 or $75 after, and the fee includes a continental breakfast and lunch. More information is at www.railusers.net.