‘It’s So Much More Than a Piece of Candy’: Kennett Square Woman Hails the Beauty of Chocolate on Her Popular Blog


Image of Estelle Tracy via 37 Chocolates.

Prior to the pandemic, Kennett Square resident Estelle Tracy — a chocolate sommelier who shares her musings on her popular blog, 37 Chocolates — often hosted in-person, community-based tasting events, writes Tricia Vuong for The Counter.

However, when the pandemic struck, Tracy, a native of France and chemist by training, had to pause this part of her work.

Still, she had to think of something. Tracy used to donate chocolate tasting vouchers to local organizations. When one woman who had a voucher contacted her when the quarantine started, Tracy proposed to organize the tasting virtually for her and her friends.

“I was sick to my stomach for two days,” said Tracy, “I was so freaking nervous.”

The unfamiliar event felt like she was starting from scratch, but she was willing to give it a go. After the first virtual tasting, she sent out invitations for another one and quickly filled the 12 available spots.

Soon, she was hosting corporate tasting events, and today, she schedules more than a dozen events each month.

“Chocolate is so much more than a piece of candy,” said Tracy. “It’s been amazing to share the richness and beauty of it, including the culture and people, during a really difficult time.”

Read more about Kennett Square resident Estelle Tracy and her popular blog, 37 Chocolates, at The Counter.


Editor’s Note: This post about Estelle Tracy first appeared on VISTA Today in July 2021.

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