Wilmington University Student Prepares Move to Educator Position at ChristianaCare Gene Editing Institute


Sarah LaTorre
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Sarah LaTorre, a Wilmington University student, is preparing to move into an educator position at Gene Editing Institute after graduation.

Sarah LaTorre, a 24-year-old Wilmington University student, is preparing to move directly into a full-time educator position at ChristianaCare’s Gene Editing Institute after graduation in May with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, writes Maddy Lauria for the Delaware Business Times.

LaTorre is currently interning at the institute where a diverse group of scientific and creative minds, most of whom identify as women, are working to find ways to better treat patients using complex gene editing technologies.

“It’s been so inspiring seeing how successful and happy these women are,” said LaTorre. “It’s not only having a great work-life balance but being able to have pride in the research they’re doing and to be able to collaborate and share that knowledge with one another.”

The Gene Editing Institute is at the very forefront of this type of research. It’s the world’s only gene editing program run by a community-based healthcare system. As she transitions from a Learning Lab alum to an intern poised for a leadership-focused position, LaTorre is excited about the role she is about to play in advancing the institute’s work and expanding its outreach efforts.

One of her goals is to help students learn how to be confident in a laboratory environment. In March 2023, the institute’s Gene Editing 360 program established the Learning Lab. The initiative is a free field-trip-like experience that gives high school and college students an opportunity to experiment with laboratory settings and explore the idea of gene editing.

“So far we’ve had multiple wonderful sessions but this upcoming spring we’re very well booked,” said LaTorre.

Being part of a small team making huge advances in the field of gene editing research has inspired the institute’s young female leaders like LaTorre to show other students, especially women, that they can be on the innovative breakthroughs in STEM fields.

“It’s been an amazing experience,” said LaTorre. “I think the message of collaboration and staying connected, that’s what I’m trying to relay to anyone who wants to know what it’s like to be a woman in STEM.”

Read more about Sarah LaTorre in the Delaware Business Times.

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